Discovery Content is proud to work with small businesses to boost their online presence and brand recognition. At Discovery Content we pride ourselves on providing affordable campaigns with no compromise on quality. Our services are results-driven and entirely focused on the success of your business. Small Business SEO Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a powerful tool for maximising your online presence and increasing your reach and conversion rate. Our team of experts have created an innovative SEO strategy using natural link building to produce effective results, enhancing brand awareness and online credibility. Local Promotion small business brisbane seo A cost effective method to drive traffic towards your site is pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. Well placed paid advertising helps to get your brand message straight to your target audience, making it an essential investment. Paid Advertising

Onsite - Tech Report

What stacks of information can you use to enhance your sites’ visibility? Onsite Audit (tech report) is a comprehensive analysis highlighting key aspects you can address to improve your website’s search position. It covers features like indexation, metadata, site architecture, structured markup, usability and others.

Brand Promotion - Outreach

Your brand deserves a great promotion! With our outreach marketing strategy, you will get your brand’s name and message heard and recognised. Our team will ensure contacts with relevant websites, businesses, influencers and news sources to secure high-quality content promotion through incoming links. The result of this is greater prominence for your organic keywords and better performance of your website.

Content Development

“Content is king!” - words you will hear way too often with little or no explanation of how to make them work for you. Our comprehensive content plan will help you put them to action by creating engaging content that catches the eye of your readers. Researching compelling topic ideas, their creation, and writing, together with catchy images, surveys, interactive elements and other features you can think of are now easily delivered with our help.

Keyword Research Mapping

Has finding the right keywords has always been puzzling to you? With the use of tools like Semrush, Majestic, Ahrefs, Search Console and Google Analytics we help you find keywords specific to your products and services. Just imagine all of your important primary, secondary and long-tail phrases being perfectly matched to their respective pages, that’s what proper targeting and prioritisation should look like.

Google Business Profile - GBP

Having a Google My Business profile is no longer optional; it’s an absolute MUST. Yellow Pages are a thing of the past, as GMB often represents a first place where customers look for the latest information about your company including; location, contact, working hours, availability and so on. With our knowledge, advice and maintenance tips, you will get a perfect GMB account in no time.

Blog recommendations

You don’t have time for writing and maintaining a blog section? Or you already have a blog integrated into your website but need some tips and recommendations? No worries, we got your back. We can assist you with the blog development process, maintenance and reviews, but also help you maximize the impact of your content and design, offering advice on aspects like social media integration.

Link Portfolio Analysis

The famous quote “You are who you surround yourself with” explains the importance of a good backlink profile. Where your brand is mentioned will greatly impact your link’s value and performance, it’s not the same if your content is seen on spammy pages or if you are mentioned by good websites relevant to your industry. Our link portfolio analysis will help you discover the quality of the incoming links and learn about the potential issues, ensuring immediate reactions to problems.

Content Report

You want to know if your effort spent on creating blog posts, killer videos and newsletters has been paying off? Aside from discovering issues like indexation or duplication, our content report will show how your content is performing, what is and what isn’t working, what needs to be changed, what kind of content you can rely on in order to reach your goals and highlight your linkable assets (content that attracts a lot of social shares and backlinks).

Social Media Review

Here’s a simple fact: your business NEEDS social media presence. And nothing drives more growth than broadcasting on different SM platforms, but this is not the only reason to use them. They can help you connect with your customers in a meaningful way, learn about their opinions, values and needs, likes and dislikes and so on. This will trigger your evolution, and most importantly can positively impact your leads and sales. We will be your helping hand in the process, providing reports and reviews of your actions, together with suggestions relevant to your business.

Why Do Small Businesses Need SEO?

Engaging content is no good without an audience to engage.
This is where SEO comes in.

SEO increases your site’s visibility when relevant content is entered into the search engine and helps your brand to reach potential customers.Without SEO, your website is a needle in a haystack.

But SEO is more than just optimisation for a company website and social media presence. Calls to action aren’t limited to your website or even the internet. In-person or in-store interactions lead to social media reviews, website hits, and a targeted reach for your brand.


Link Consolidation

This process checks your links and mentions to find all instances where your brand or website is mentioned or presented without the actual link attribution. We correct any potential broken links - those pointing to missing pages or with incorrect linking structure or anchor texts.

Local SEO

Another process we oversee at the outset of an SEO campaign is the checking of your presence in specific areas as part of the local optimisation / suburbs-region strategy. This is to check that your site and company information is on every relevant directory or citations website - if it isn’t, we will add it.

Competitor Research

Keeping tabs on the competition can give your business the edge. With this in mind we offer comprehensive research to analyse the website structure, links, local optimisation tactics, content strategy and branding of up to 10 of your main competitors. On the basis of our findings we produce reports and offer recommendations to optimise your strategy.

The Discovery Content Team is a fine assortment of strategists and digital marketing specialists.

Why Choose Us:

We have a wealth of experience managing an extensive client portfolio from a large range of industries (niche groups).
We have worked closely with those in medicine, the arts, education, finance, insurance and eCommerce.
For each client we are able to tailor an SEO package based on their marketing strategy and priorities.
Scalable monthly payments mean that clients have maximum flexibility with our resources, and no lock in contracts.

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