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WIX, A Solution For Your Small Business ?

With over 200 million users around the world, WIX seems to be the next best thing in website building! With many small businesses owners opting for this new drag and drop website creator, is it really all that it claims to be? Some swear by its ease of use and functionality, but others seem to be swearing at it rather than by it.

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Small Business On Google; Challenges and Solutions

Organic search delivers 53% of total site traffic. And that figure is growing yearly. Google dominates the industry, with a 90%+ market share. For small businesses, ranking on page 1 is often what makes the difference between keeping heads above water and filing Chapter 11. Showing up on Google is relatively easy. Just pay. But the problem is that paid search is becoming increasingly expensive.

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Melbourne Cup 2019: Yay or Neigh?

We did a quick straw poll (or should we say “Hay poll”) of 100 Australians and 76% said they would not. Of those who said no, the result was split pretty even between men and women (49.3% v 50.7%)*. Of those who said who said yes to supporting the event, men (58.9%) were more likely to support than women (41.1%)*. Melbourne Cup is an Australian tradition that dates back to

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$150 million richer? No thanks!

The recent $150 Powerball jackpot tempted almost 1 in 2 Australians who put in an entry into the draw. But a recent survey we ran asking whether people would continue to play lotto after holding group, Tatts Lotto increased ticket prices across all draws increased from August 19, 2019. We surveyed 500 Australians and asked them how likely they were purchase a Tatts Lotto ticket after prices increased. They responded

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Most Australians Support Greta Thunberg, But Not All

An open-ended survey of 1,500 Australians conducted by Discovery Content in mid-October this year shows positive sentiment towards Greta Thunberg. Excellent example for youth to take action on climate change. Vote to change governments with no policy for climate change. Loved her speech. Hope she becomes a future leader. Female, 65+, Queensland She is highlighting the climate change problem and its action now required which a lot of national leaders

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Australian voice search trends in 2018

A 1000-user survey conducted by Discovery Content team in May 2018 shows that most Australians don’t use voice search despite strong smartphone adoption. Around 35% of respondents quoted speed and convenience as the main reason for using voice search. Other significant use encompasses information lookup, research work and study with just under 6%. Other themes include “fun”, “spelling”, “navigation” and “messaging”. Only a few users quoted “shopping” in the context

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Study Results: Public Sentiment on .AU Domain Changes

Public sentiment on the upcoming .au changes is revealed in a study by Discovery Content of more than 2,000 respondents. The study included both general public and business/domain owners. Most Australian Web Users Don’t Care One survey asked 1,050 randomly selected Australians what their thoughts were on having an option for Australian websites to drop ‘.com‘ in their domain name [eg. ‘google.au‘]. Most respondents didn’t care [65.1%] Those with an opinion mainly loved the

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Australian Pokémon Go Statistics

Nearly one in two Australians have played Pokemon Go. A recent study involving four surveys and a total of 4000 people throughout Australia shows that 47% of online Australians have already played Pokemon Go. Our respondents were both mobile and desktop users from a wide demographic spread. Players by Age The addictive game is being played in the bathroom too. We asked 1000 Australians about the weirdest place they’ve caught a Pokemon and nearly 15%

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