At Discovery Content our priority is helping small business grow their online business with digital marketing strategies that work! Our SEO campaigns are centred on helping small business owners strengthen online credibility, reach new customers and developing their online business. The way in which we achieve this is through our structured framework focused on small businesses and their customers. How? Actually, it’s fairly straightforward, as we are guided by the following principles:

Having a good understanding of your business

Tracking the intent of visitors and customising your SEO campaign accordingly

Having an understanding of your target audience

Thoroughly analysing your competitors

Improving site performance to increase search engine visibility

Using analytical data to create content designed to draw in visitors

How do we do this? Through our professional framework:


  • WE LISTEN – we listen to what you have to tell us about your business and learn as much as we can about your business goals, your customers and your target audience


  • WE RESEARCH, PLAN AND STRATEGIES – we take the time to research your niche thoroughly and create the most efficient strategy to increase your online presence, traffic and leads


  • WE DELIVER – our team will execute the strategy! We work together with you to implement strategic actions to turn your goals into reality


  • WE MONITOR – throughout the SEO campaign, our expert team will continue to monitor site performance. We’ll continue to evaluate our work, ensuring that the initial strategy continues to be relevant throughout the SEO campaign 
Our diverse team is made up of dynamic and creative professionals looking to help small business owners get the most out of their digital marketing. We strive to keep abreast with the latest marketing trends, identify new opportunities and assist our clients to gain the most out of their customised SEO campaigns. 
We pride ourselves on providing SEO services to small business (dentist, lawyers, florists, plumbers etc) owners across Australia for the past 10 years!  Our team of SEO consultants, technical experts, content strategists, account managers and outreach coordinators bring with them experience and dedication to all campaigns. How?
Our structured framework is focused on small businesses needs and the needs of customers. Our principals are fairly straightforward:
  • We offer innovative solutions that are developed per Google’s guidelines
  • We are experienced across a variety of platforms from WordPress, eCommerce and CMS 
  • We work on legitimate white hat and organic principles and methodologies
  • We provide timely and easy to read (and understand) reports demonstrating your progress
  • We are 100% transparent in our work that’s why with us, there are no lock-in contracts