$150 million richer? No thanks!

The recent $150 Powerball jackpot tempted almost 1 in 2 Australians who put in an entry into the draw. But a recent survey we ran asking whether people would continue to play lotto after holding group, Tatts Lotto increased ticket prices across all draws increased from August 19, 2019. We surveyed 500 Australians and asked them how likely they were purchase a Tatts Lotto ticket after prices increased. They responded

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Most Australians Support Greta Thunberg, But Not All

An open-ended survey of 1,500 Australians conducted by Discovery Content in mid-October this year shows positive sentiment towards Greta Thunberg. Excellent example for youth to take action on climate change. Vote to change governments with no policy for climate change. Loved her speech. Hope she becomes a future leader. Female, 65+, Queensland She is highlighting the climate change problem and its action now required which a lot of national leaders

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Study Results: Public Sentiment on .AU Domain Changes

Public sentiment on the upcoming .au changes is revealed in a study by Discovery Content of more than 2,000 respondents. The study included both general public and business/domain owners. Most Australian Web Users Don’t Care One survey asked 1,050 randomly selected Australians what their thoughts were on having an option for Australian websites to drop ‘.com‘ in their domain name [eg. ‘google.au‘]. Most respondents didn’t care [65.1%] Those with an opinion mainly loved the

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