Melbourne Cup 2019: Yay or Neigh?

We did a quick straw poll (or should we say “Hay poll”) of 100 Australians and 76% said they would not. Of those who said no, the result was split pretty even between men and women (49.3% v 50.7%)*. Of those who said who said yes to supporting the event, men (58.9%) were more likely to support than women (41.1%)*. Melbourne Cup is an Australian tradition that dates back to

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Australian voice search trends in 2018

A 1000-user survey conducted by Discovery Content team in May 2018 shows that most Australians don’t use voice search despite strong smartphone adoption. Around 35% of respondents quoted speed and convenience as the main reason for using voice search. Other significant use encompasses information lookup, research work and study with just under 6%. Other themes include “fun”, “spelling”, “navigation” and “messaging”. Only a few users quoted “shopping” in the context

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